Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pricing Configuration in SAP SD

Pricing plays very vital role in SAP SD process, this is why it is very important for SAP SD aspirants to know pricing concept in depth for real time practice and certification exam perspective. In this blog I will explain you on how to configure the pricing in SAP SD. You can expect many more concepts related to pricing in upcoming blogs. 

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Pricing configuration in SAP SD:

To create any pricing condition type, following steps you need to remember in short
  1. Define condition table
  2. Define condition type
  3. Define access sequence
  4. Assign access sequence to condition type
  5. Define and assign pricing procedure
    1. Maintain pricing procedure
    2. Define customer pricing procedure
    3. Define pricing procedure determination
1) Define Condition Table:

Navigate to given path
IMG --> Sales and Distribution --> Basic function --> Pricing --> Pricing Control --> Define Condition Tables --> Create Condition Table

Provide table no as 273(you can give any) and press enter

Create condition record in pricing configuration in SAP SD