Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tips: How to prepare for SAP SD Exam

In this blog I will try to represent the overall picture of SAP SD certification exam as simple as possible. As you know the weight of each of the topic as given here

How to Prepare for SAP SD Certification?

  • First you need to remember the determination rules in SAP SD process like shipping point determination, route determination etc.
  • Note down the all possible functions of each document like function of sales order, outbound delivery, billing documents, etc.
  • Classify the key functions at header level, item level and schedule line level of above listed functions
  • Note down and classify the functions of sales document type, item categories, schedule line categories, delivery document type, delivery item categories, billing document types
  • Focus on Master Data Management and link with the SAP SD process, remember the necessary settings
  • Get insight on  SAP SD functions like pricing, partner, text, output, data flow, copy control, etc.
  • Do not ignore questions from Basics of ERP(TERP01), SAP NetWeaver(TERP02) and Solution Manager(SM001), it is very easy and you can secure the 5-6 correct answers in real exam. I have covered the same in my premium question paper set
  • In exam be very careful with the SAP English, particularly with the words like can, only, always, except. Read question very carefully. SAP statements in the exam will be always confusing, so think logically and holistically before exam.

Overview of Real Time Exam 

According to me and other expert, the SAP SD Certification exam looks like...
  • There will be 20-25% of total questions which you can give answers directly
  • There will be 30-35% of total questions which are average question, you can have answers if you are well prepared 
  • Rest of the questions are scenario based questions and you have to think wisely to select correct answer(s). 
  • There are no True - False questions
  • Hint is provided in real time exam for number of correct answers of multiple choice question. If there are 3 questions are correct out of five. Hint is provided like “there are three answers are correct”
  • If you are have selected an incorrect answer of multiple choice, you will not get partial marks for the same question. You have to select all possible correct answer

I have prepared possible topic wise question bank (600+ questions and answers) of complete SAP SD certification syllabus which will help you to make your firm concept on any topic and you will not feel any unfamiliar questions in your actual certification exam. More than that, I have also prepared the exact matched premium SAP SD certification paper set Vol 1 and 2 as similar as real time certification exam described above. I can give assurance of your success in SAP SD exam.

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